Di/25.06 | 19:00 - 23:59

Ciné Résistance - The Palestinian Cause: Talk with Sanad, Food & Music (get together before summer break)

سينما المقاومة
Ciné Résistance at soso: The Palestinian Cause

This Ciné Résistance event will be a little different: it will be a celebration! After almost six months of weekly Ciné Résistance-events, we will gather one last time before our summer break in July and August. It doesn’t matter if you attended one, two or several events in the last few months – we want to invite you to join the whole Ciné Résistance collective, have time to talk, sit together and share a meal. You all have contributed to Ciné Résistance by showing up, listening to Palestinian voices through film, talks and discussions and by sharing questions and thoughts on the ongoing Genocide&oppression in the West Bank as well as the global system of oppression unfolding in occupied Palestine.

Contentwise, we will close the first Ciné Résistance season the way we started out in January: we will meet the Sanad core team online, who will discuss the situation and issues of the Palestinians in Cairo and Gaza with us and will inform us about their activities that have been funded through the Ciné-Résistance-donations. The event will end with drinks and music.

Please join for the whole evening or just for a moment - we are looking forward seeing you all!

  • 19:00h Bar opens

  • 20:00h Music and Food

  • 21:00h Online-meeting on the big screen with the members of the Sanad-Initiative core team members Amal, Ahmed, Mai and Youssef based in Cairo

  • 22:00h open end bar&music

As always, the event is free of charges and the food&tea will be for free. All donations will go to Sanad Initiative (IG: sanad_palestine).

The next Ciné Résistance-season starts on Tuesday, September 3rd 2024. Ciné Résistance is working on possible collaborations with other collectives for special events during the summer break at the moment. We will keep you posted through our Insta-page (IG: cine_resistance).

Confirmed events so far:

  • 15.08.2024, ca. 19.00 @ Schützenmatte: Bu Nasser Touffar (Arabic activist rap)

  • 05.09.2024, ca. 20.00 @ Schützenmatte: 3yooni (Arabic Electronic Pop)


soso.space launches a new format: Ciné Résistance.

On Tuesday evenings, soso.space will be screening motion pictures and documentaries viewing global history, issues and causes from the perspective of the oppressed, starting on 30 January with a film series about Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

The movies and documentaries shown will all be selected and – if possible - presented by people affected by the cause. We hope to create a space, where people affected, their allies and people interested to understand history and context of ongoing issues can meet. The bar will stay open after the movie screenings and offer space for discussions for everyone who wants to stay for a drink.

These movie screenings are Soli-events. Every contribution to run the event is voluntary. The collected funds at the door will be going to an organization related to the cause shown in the screening in full. The bar revenue will be used to pay for the expenses of the event.

Ciné Résistance wants to provide a safer space for people to come together, talk, share thoughts or just watch a movie and get inspired. We certainly encourage SWANA-people to join.

Ciné Résistance is preparing a list of links and information about Palestine/Gaza and the ongoing genocide in order to give people the possibility to educate themselves if required. Until further notice, the evenings on the topic of Palestine are taking place on a weekly basis.

soso.space will provide a bar at low cost, tea and snacks for free. Before and after the screening, curated music will be played, selected by artists close to the cause.

ıllıllı PROGRAM ıllıllı

  • ◉ 30.01.2024: "Farha" von Darin J. Sallam | Zoom Livecall w. Amal (Sanad Palestine)

  • ◉ 06.02.2024: "Born in Gaza" (Hernán Zin) | The Present (Farah Nabulsi) | Intro: Rana Bassil

  • ◉ 13.02.2024: "A World Not Ours" by Mahdi Fleifel + Q&A w. Ahmed AlRokh | Intro: Ahmed AlRokh

  • ◉ 20.02.2024 «Salt of This Sea» by Annemarie Jacir | Intro: B.

  • ◉ 27.02.2024: «Checkpoint» by Yoav Shamir | Intro: A.

  • ◉ 05.03.2024: Mo Amer: Mohammed In Texas & The Vagabond | Intro: M.

  • ◉ 13.03.2024: (WED instead of TUE) "Life Is Beautiful - Al Haya Helwa" by and with Mohamed Jabaly @ Reitschulkino in collab with Cine Liminal

  • ◉ 19.03.2024: "Tantura" by Alon Schwarz | Intro: Sami Daher

  • ◉ 26.03.2024: "Skies above Hebron" (2020) by Esther Hertog & Paul King

  • ◉ 02.04.2024: "Khiam 2000 - 2007" (2008) by Joana Hadjithomas & Khali Joreige

  • ◉ 16.04.2024: «Arna’s Children» (2003) by Juliano Mer Khamis | Intro: Ahmed Al Rokh

  • ◉ 23.04.2024: «Naila and the Uprising» (2017) by Julia Bacha | Intro: Rima

  • ◉ 30.04.2024: «Israelism» (2023) by Erin Axelman & Sam Eilertsen

  • ◉ 07.05.2024: «Budrus» (2009) by Julia Bacha | Intro: Burhan

  • ◉ 14.05.2024 @ Unibern Occupied

  • ◉ 21.05.2024 «Everything Must Fall» (2018) by Rehad Desai | Talk: Eduardo Kapapelo + O

  • ◉ 28.05.2024: «Little Palestine – Diary of a Siege» (2022) by Abdallah Al-Khatib | Intro: M

  • ◉ 04.06.2024: Radical Mapping - Unmasking complicity, visibilizing resistance

  • ◉ 11.06.2024: «Where Olive Trees Weep» (2024) by Zaya & Maurizia Benazzio

  • ◉ 18.06.2024: «Occupied» (2022) by Pingle Pranav Reddy

The collected funds will go to Sanad initiative for Palestine.
IG: @sanad_palestine / More info about Sanad.

  • ◉ Every Tuesday at soso.space

  • ◉ Movie screening, Bar, Food & Music

  • ◉ 18.30 Doors, Bar, Music / 19.30 Movie Screening

  • ◉ All movie screenings with English subtitles

  • ◉ There will be chairs for the screening

  • ◉ Please contact us if you are using a wheelchair

  • ◉ Music curated by Juan Awile aka Phrex

Contact: office@sososo.space