Sa/17.08 | 23:59 - 07:00

SOLIRAVE w. Paul Seul (Ascendant Vierge, Casual Gabberz)

SOLIDARITY RAVE w. Paul Seul (Ascendant Vierge, Casual Gabberz / PARIS)

  • Klub Floor: Paul Seul (Casual Gabberz, Ascendant Vierge / Paris) | Support: TBC

  • Space Floor: TBC

Our dear friend and Casual Gabber (RIP) head PAUL SEUL (part of Ascendant Vierge) is heading from Paris back to Berne to bring us his hard & emotional selection.
Support-DJs: TBC


We're having financial issues and need your support. To be able to pay for the rent during summer, we're organizing SOLIDARITY RAVES where our team and the artists work/play for free to support us. We're very thankful for this support of people who are themselves in financial unstable situations. You can also support us by donating on those channels:

We all work hard behind the scenes to re-open after the summer break in September and to "survive" on a more sustainable level. Thank you for your support! <3


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